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Aqua Van

$ 275 Per Day
  • SEATS 4 – SLEEPS 3
  • Mercedes-Benz – Sprinter
  • St. George / Zion, UT

Travel Van

$ 250 Per Day
  • SEATS 4 – SLEEPS 3
  • Mercedes-Benz – Sprinter
  • St. George / Zion, UT

Family Van

$ 300 Per Day
  • SEATS 8 – SLEEPS 10
  • Mercedes-Benz – Sprinter
  • St. George / Zion, UT

Option 1: Van Rental + Complete Itinarary

Your Vacation Package on Wheels

It’s more than a van. It’s a complete vacation that happens to come in one. Sleep comfortably. Take a hot shower. Park right at the trailhead. It goes where you go, and you go without guesswork because it’s all planned for you and loaded into the van.

Things to see? Check. Navigation? Done. Where to eat? Yep.

Ready to “Van It?” Let Us Plan It.

Option 2: Van Rental Only

Free-wheel Your Trip

For the free-spirited, meandering type. Rent the van create your own plan. Or, wander comfortably without one – we won’t judge. Either way, there’s no tent to set up. No trailer to haul. You’ll have room for your tribe and all your stuff.


Where Do You Want To Go?

Southern Utah is among the world’s top destinations for adventure! 5 national parks and countless once-in-a-lifetime experiences are within driving distance. These are just examples of what you can experience in our “Vacation in a Van” itinerary packages, each with a number of new experiences waiting for you.
This was a fun experience. The kids loved the bunk beds. The van was perfect, clean, everything worked and was just a really fun experience. We will definitely book this can again in the future. The owners are extremely easy to work with as well.
We got this van for our trip in southern Utah and loved it! We have a toddler and baby and my toddler loved having his own bunk. We were even able to squeeze in a pack n play for my baby! The heater was a game changer as we went in the winter and having a microwave was luxury. The owners are super nice and great to talk with.
Great family van!
We took the whole family for 5 nights and had an amazing time. The van had everything we needed for sleeping and was easy to stock with food and drinks. We ate using the van for our whole trip with the exception of one dinner out. The fridge holds plenty of food and having the microwave for easy hot snacks in the parking lot after a hike was super fun. We went to the beach and used the on-demand hot water to rinse off clean right in the parking lot. We ran the AC when it was hot, listened to music, charged everyone’s devices and lived in a tiny van together. Super fun.

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