About AdventureVan

It’s Not Really About the Van, Surprised?

Don't Be Surprised

Because AdventureVan is more than a place to rent a van

We’re your adventure guide, trip planner, hotel, and go-anywhere transportation. It all just happens to come in a van. A van that’s built to go off-grid while keeping you and your crew safe, comfortable, and connected. A van equipped with everything you’d expect to power your adventure – along with some things you wouldn’t. Real power. Ample fresh water. Connectivity. Modern convenience and design. Think of it as getting close to nature without getting “sleep on the ground” close. In short, it’s every comfort of home, in your home away from home. 

Want to freestyle your trip day-by-day? Get after it. Want to use our done-for-you trip planning and itinerary? You got it. We’ll load every incredible experience into your Adventure Van’s navigation system. No matter where your trip takes you, you’ll have the peace of mind to immerse yourself in it. Sure, we’ll hook you up with an amazing van. But what we really connect you with is a care-free vacation experience you’ll remember forever. 

Because in the end, it’s not really about the van